Nothing Is More Powerful Than
An Idea Whose Time Has Come!
~Victor Hugo~

“The Idea”

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Our Drivers Relief Network Can
Help You Generate Greater Cash Flow
While You Are On The Road!

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Get More Details On How Roger,
and Other Drivers Are
Increasing Their Cash Flow and
Building Financial Security!

About KIT Member Services

You may have heard of Keep It Truckin’ before if you’ve ever needed working capital or money to repair your truck. We’re nationally known for our financing programs and have been serving the trucking industry for going on 7 years. Every day we hear about the challenges drivers face and cash flow is usually top on the list. We understand the issues that you are confronted with and we realize how important the trucking industry is to the livelihood of this country.

This is why we developed our KIT Member Services division. To help drivers like yourself, confront “head-on” your cash flow issues. Our NEW Drivers’ Relief Network is the solution to your cash flow problems.

  • Do you need extra cash to…
  • Pay-off your truck or buy a new one
  • Build an emergency fund
  • Save more towards retirement
  • Save for future truck repairs
  • or take care of basic family needs

With your participation and a one-time out of pocket $50 enrollment fee, you can join our community of drivers who are working together to convert that one-time $50 enrollment fee into thousands of dollars each month in additional income. When you tell other drivers, family and friends, and they enroll, together everyone can bring prosperity back to thousands of other professional drivers nationwide. It’s time to bring your iconic industry back to what it once was many years ago.

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