Last night, AKALib wrote a diary liveblogging the reveal of the new Tesla Semi — but unfortunately it didn’t get the attention that it deserved. The importance of this vehicle — and how impressive it is — cannot be overstated. For years, as electric cars have steadily shown that they’re on a path to replacing gasoline vehicles, the oil market has fallen back on the fact that freight shipping will continue to underpin its consumption. This vehicle is a missile aimed straight at that notion.

Before the release of the Semi, leaks had suggested that it would be capable of trips of 200-300 miles. One report just a few days ago suggested 300-450 miles. The actuality blows away these expectations: the initial launch (with more variants to come) is a 500 mile-range day cab. That’s 500 miles at highway speed with 40 tonnes gross weight (maximum allowable on US roads). The range without a trailer was not stated, but should be several times higher. According to the website, a shorter-range 300 mile variant will also be offered.


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